NWSISD “Shark Tank”

STUDIO ROOM 5 (second floor)

About the NWSISD “Shark Tank” Competition:

The “Shark Tank” competition provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of civic responsibility and solving social problems through the creation of making an idea of a product that meets the need of a community.

shark picture.png

Competition Procedure:

  1. A completed “Shark Tank” Entry Form must be submitted to the conference coordinators by April 4, 2017.
  2. The presentation must be no more than five (5) minutes long.
  3. Students must clearly identify the problem they are trying to fix. Students must identify the community they are trying to assist.
  4. Use your creativity!!! It is literally a pure pitch only with nothing but the value of the idea and the speakers presenting skills to support the product. Presentation of idea may be in technological form, paper form, acting form (acting problem and/or solution out).
  5. Student teams are highly encouraged… no more than three (3) students per group.
  6. ALL contestants will compete in the same group. Contestants will arrive to the “holding room” 10 minutes before their presentation.
  7. While in the holding room, please use your 10 minutes to organize your thoughts and prepare for your presentation.
  8. At the time of the presentation, the time keeper will introduce each team/pitch/idea. Each pitch is to be up to five (5) minutes in length. A timekeeper will signal a countdown at the end of the two-minute mark and will record the time used by each contestant – noting deductions of 3 points for each full half-minute OVER the five-minute maximum.

Please click here for complete rules and guidelines for this competition.