Impromptu Speaking Competition

STUDIO ROOM 10 (second floor)

Poise, confidence and the ability to articulate ideas and organize facts are valuable parts of one’s education. The speaking competition is designed to recognize students who develop qualities of leadership by combining clear thinking and conversational speaking into an interesting presentation.

Competition Procedure:

  1. A completed Impromptu Speaking Entry Form must be submitted to the conference coordinators by April 4, 2017. This contest will be limited to 18 students.
  2. ALL contestants will compete in the same group and will draw numbers for performance slots 20 minutes prior to the first speech. Contestants will arrive to the “holding room” 20 minutes before his/her presentation.
  3. Students will be given three (3) impromptu speaking topics in advance, but one topic will be chosen for the competition. ALL contestants will receive the same three topics, which will be related to current educational news topics (Judges will choose ONE topic at competition time). Any notes must be organized during the given 10 minute preparation time and may be used when presenting. The note card must be submitted to the judges at the conclusion of the presentation.
  4. At the time of the presentation, the time keeper will introduce each contestant by number only. The contestant will then be given the topic by the judges. Each speech is to be 2 – 3 minutes in length. A timekeeper will signal at the end of the two-minute mark and will record the time used by each contestant – noting deductions of 3 points for each full half-minute OVER the three-minute maximum or under the two-minute minimum.
  5. Presentations are open to other conference attendees as long as the contestant has given the OK for spectators.

Impromptu Speaking Topics for 2017:

  1. My biggest concern for the future is…
  2. Starting the school day at a later time will help increase students’ attentiveness because they will get more sleep and be more alert and focused in class.
  3. If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world. (Elaine S. Dalton)

Please click here for complete rules and guidelines for this competition.