Ethical Dilemma Competition

STUDIO ROOM 9 (second floor)

About the Ethical Dilemma Competition:

The Ethical Dilemma Competition will replace the Educational Debate competition for 2017. Ethical dilemma requires students to think deeply about an ethical issue, employ critical-thinking skills and use persuasive communication techniques to collaboratively debate an ethical dilemma.

Competition Procedure:

  1. To participate, interested students must first thoroughly consider the 2017 ethical issue and begin to form an individual position on the topic. Students must then debate the topic together, listening carefully to each other’s opinions. Through discussion, students must come to a conclusion on the topic and then prepare a 10-minute live presentation stating their viewpoint.
  2. Students must work as a team to develop the live, videotaped, 10-minute presentation and then select up to four (4) representatives to present their group’s opinion and how it was reached to a panel of judges during the conference.
  3. A completed Ethical Dilemma Entry Form (hard copy or electronic) MUST be submitted to the Student Leadership Conference coordinators by April 4, 2017.

Please click here for complete rules and guidelines for this competition.