Creative Storybook Writing Competition


Books and digital readings are not due until April 25th, the morning of the conference. Only storybook registration forms are due on April 4th.


What lessons have you learned from the storybooks you have read? Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have an interest in writing children’s stories? Use your creativity and writing skills to develop an original storybook that is unique, engaging and inspiring.

Competition Procedure:

  1. Storybook submissions must be original, unpublished, unproduced and not accepted by any other publisher or producer at the time of submission. Storybooks can be submitted in English or other languages but must be accompanied by an English translation. Plagiarism, which includes the use of another person’s words, characters and/or ideas, will result in disqualification.
  2. Entries must include the following information:
    • What you want students reading the book to learn from your story?
    • Book genre and targeted age group
  3. Digital reading of your story to accompany the book- either video or audio
  4. Send the completed Creative Story Book Entry Form and book along with digital reading to the conference coordinator postmarked no later than April 4, 2017. Once your book has successfully been submitted, you will receive confirmation from the NWSISD office.
  5. Please keep a copy of your storybook for your own records as books will not be returned. Use cardboard or another rigid material to protect the printed copy if sending via U.S. Mail.
  6. Chapter advisor must witness the contestant’s work.

Please click here for complete rules and guidelines for this competition.