College/Career Exploration Competition


About the College/Career Exploration Competition:

Excited about a particular college? What would make a student want to attend a certain college or university? What about that dream job? How can you make it a reality? Here is your chance to share these opportunities with your peers.

Each competitor will develop a visual display (tri-fold board, power-point, weebly, video, etc.) through an artistic medium. Students will express ideas that highlight the benefits of a particular school of focus OR the steps needed to enter a chosen career. The purpose of the College/Career Exploration Competition is to encourage students to research and analyze information about a specific college/university or career.

Students are allowed to partner with one more person for this competition.

Competition Procedure:

  1. The visual display must be presented by the competitor who created the display with only one college/university or career to be presented.
  2. The visual display should be completed prior to the competition. You will have fifteen (15) minutes to assemble the visual display when you arrive.
  3. 68 Competitors will be assigned a time to present. A five (5) minute prepared presentation is required. Presentations must include the relationship of students’ interests, aptitudes and abilities to the chosen college/university or career. Judges will rate the overall display based on:
    • How well the information was documented,
    • The presenter’s ability to communicate information,
    • The display’s focus area.
  4. The competitor will be asked a minimum of three (3) questions which will take approximately five (5) minutes.

A completed College/Career Exploration Entry Form MUST be submitted to the Student Leadership Conference coordinators by April 13, 2018.

Please click HERE for complete rules and guidelines for this competition.