AVID Jeopardy

STUDIO 2 Crowne Plaza (second floor)

Questioning is a huge art of learning; can you train yourselves to answer in the form of a question? Test your team’s knowledge on various topics related to the AVID Curriculum and program in AVID Jeopardy.

AVID Jeopardy 2Competition Procedure:

AVID schools will be limited to four teams per school.

Teams consisting of four to six (4-6) members each will compete by giving appropriate responses to items presented by a moderator. These items may be in the form of questions. Winners will be determined by a series of elimination rounds.

  1. There will be up to 9 teams competing in rounds 1 & 2. Competition times will be posted inside and outside of the AVID Jeopardy Room. If a team does not show up to compete when their name is called, they automatically forfeit.
  2. Each round will contain an equal number of questions. Questions will NOT be shared prior to the contest.
  3. Between rounds there will be a 2 minute break unless we are behind schedule (1 minute between if running behind schedule).
  4. The number of rounds will be determined based on the number of teams in the competition.
  5. The two highest scoring teams for each round will advance to the final round.

Please click here for complete rules and guidelines for this competition.