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Keynote Speaker for 2017

Meet ShShed 1.pnged G! As one of the hottest and most blessed entertainers to hail from Denver Colorado, Shedrick Garrett (Shed G) is a well renowned comedian, actor and radio personality known for his clean faith based comedy. Shed G brings a style of comedy that universally captivates audiences of all ages and races.

In 2000, Shed G gained momentum by taking his talents to Atlanta where he earned his credits on the big screen. He worked alongside Tyler Perry in hit movies like Madea’s Family Reunion, A Madea’s Christmas and Meet the Browns. Shortly thereafter he was featured on hit TV shows like House Of Payne, Meet The Browns and The Rickey Smiley TV Show.

Shed G has opened for many music artists such as Cassandra Wilson, Anthony David, S.O.S Band, Earth Wind and Fire, The Temptations, Brian McKnight, Marvin Sapp, and Lalah Hathaway. He has also opened for fellow comedian’s Ricky Smiley, Dave Chapelle, Ron Tripoli, Dave Coulier and Lachlan Patterson. 14330173_991179384344178_630811152524458665_n-1

In 2012 Shed G moved to Minneapolis to pursue his dream of being a radio host/personality where he joined the Morning Show on 89.9 KMOJ FM. Now Shed G has his own Podcast & TV show called Shed G & Friends!

As a philanthropist, Shed G has a deep passion for helping youth. He serves as an active board member of the nonprofit, Steps Of Strategy. Shed G plans events and creates curriculum for the mentorship program. Shed G spends countless hours educating and providing resources to young boys helping them to become successful men.

Conference workshops

Career Code
Kathryn Johnson
CareerCode, LLC

They saCareerCodey finding a career is all about who you know, but finding a meaningful career is all about YOU knowing YOU. CAREERCODE is for you, as you plan your future. Our process begins with a short, fun survey you can take on your phone in about 15 minutes! Then comes a personalized report, which is the first step in exploring options for additional review and research. The student who knows where they are going before entering the labor market or a post-secondary training program will have an advantage in terms of focusing their efforts as well as saving time and money. The modern job market is constantly changing and expanding. The CAREERCODE process can be your guide to finding purposeful and satisfying work. KNOW YOUR CODE. FIND YOUR FIT!

Five Quick Ways to Maximize Your Opportunities
Shed G
Can I Vent Ent.

We all want to be successful but it is unrealistic to think that success will just fall into our laps. If you want to be successful, you have to do some work. This interactive workshop will teach you five quick ways to maximize your opportunities and seize the success you want in your life. SESSION 1 – CONFERENCE ROOM C

Leveraging Diversity & Inclusion
Abram & McNeel Consulting
Lutunji Abram, M.A. & Sandie McNeel

When we talk about celebrating diversity, too often it just means eating one another’s food. Does diversity only mean displaying a colorful classroom? What does it mean to leverage diversity as a strength among your peers? It means having a genuinely inclusive school and work culture where people are asked to share their perspectives and expected to have perspectives. To illustrate we will focus on one pressing issue millennials must be educated, empowered and encouraged to challenge.

Understanding Your Personal Leadership Type
Kurt Simer
YMCA Bold & Gold Program

Image result for YMCA LOGOThis is an interactive workshop designed to help participants identify their natural leadership style and to learn about some of the inherent strengths and weaknesses associated with that style.

Philosophical Chairs

701socratesSocrates believed that enabling students to think for themselves was more important than filling their heads with “right” answers.

Philosophical Chairs is a technique to allow students to critically think, verbally ponder, and logically write their beliefs. In the Philosophical Chairs workshop, participants will seek a deeper understanding of complex ideas through rigorously thoughtful dialogue.

We invite student philosophers to use critical thinking to resolve subsequent conflicts, which arrive when presented with alternative perspectives, ideas, or contradictions to what they have previously learned or believed. “Philosophical Chairs” is a technique that allows students to critically think, verbally ponder, and logically write their beliefs. SESSION 3 – CONFERENCE ROOM B

Police Equipment 101
Gwendolyn Gunter
Metro Transit Police/Minneapolis Police, Retired

Metro Transit Police badgeHave you ever wondered what’s on a police officer’s Duty Belt? Well come and find out. I will show and explain all the equipment I carried as a police officer. Every student will have an opportunity to touch and in some cases, try out the equipment. Students will be able to touch everything from my uniform shirts to my hand cuffs and ask questions about the equipment police officers carry.

Power Posing and Pranayama: Two-minute yoga tools to strengthen confidence for your next job interview, test, or date.
Laura Honeck

Image result for YOGAIn 2012, Harvard Business professor and author Amy Cuddy gave the second most watched TED talk of all time. In it she described the body’s hormonal response to assuming different postures. Her research showed that by holding assertive poses one can increase success in job interviews. In 2016, a number of published studies were unable to replicate Cuddy’s findings. So does power posing work? Moreover, what does a 5000 year-old practice from India have to share with us about increasing confidence and clarity? Can striking a pose make you more successful in life?

In this interactive workshop participants will…

  • Learn the connection between body dynamics and emotions.
  • Identify levels of perceived confidence in people based on body dynamics.
  • Practice simple postures and breathing to increase confidence and clarity.

Workplace Leadership
Elizer Darris

Pressure creates diamonds. Pressure bursts pipes. Pressure reveals the true essence of people, places and things. What level of pressure have you prepared yourself to withstand? What is leadership and how does it effect the bottom line of a vibrant workplace? What is personal power and what relationship does it have to organizational development? Speaker and Lecturer Elizer Darris will give a presentation that will address these issues and more!